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Board of Directors

     We are blessed at eCause Canada to have great people involved with our company. It was difficult to choose just a few to be part of our Board of Directors, we did however, and each one brings with them unique skills and a diversified background to assist us in achieving our goals. We all share the same basic vision; a greener healthier world with a much greater emphasis on supporting one another. The business model of people, planet, and then profit is what drives us here as eCause. Here is a little more information about each one of the members of our Board of Directors.

Joyce Shanks - Founder and President

     I founded eCause Canada in August 2008. In fact eCause was kind of  an of an evolution of my work of more than 2 decades. Helping people and organizations as well as the well being of the environment has always been at the core of my endeavors. I am a trained and certified holistic practitioner, working with individuals for more thant 10 years in my clinic at home. Since childhood I have been raising funds for a variety of different causes. In 1990 when I moved to Banff in the Canadian Rockies I began to really understand how everything we do impacts our environment. When I put it all together, raising money, helping people and supporting our environment, eCause Canada was born. What motivates me to get up and go to work every morning is creating a healthy and happy home and our earth for my daughter and the future of us all. In the past several years there has been a huge shift in people's buying habits. Consumers are becoming more aware and more mindful of what they are buying and they are demanding that service providers become more transparent and socially responsible. Part of our work at eCause is to stay on top of changes in environmental issues and products available. It is our pleasure, either through our blog or our Facebook Page to share what we learn. Knowledge really is power! We have a great opportunity here to support, educate and assist on so many different levels. We are the pioneers in truly Green fundraising in Canada and we look forward to making a huge difference in your lives and the future. We thank you in advance for the opportunity to work with you on your specific endeavors.


Susan Stoliar - Secretary, Treasurer

     When Joyce asked me if I wanted to become involved with eCause, I was incredibly eager. I was recently retired from years of bookkeeping in the garment industry and wanted to remain somewhat busy. Being active in community fundraising was something that was part of my life while my children were growing up, and in the 1980s I became involved with The Juvenile Diabetes Foundation. While supporting their annual Bike-a-thon and Rolls Royce raffle, I took my volunteerism one step further and became the Recording Secretary on their Board of Directors. A highlight for me was when I was given the opportunity to attend the annual convention of JDF in Washington D.C. I was invited to give a speech that year on behalf of the Montreal Chapter, on the rewards and benefits of fund raising. It is incredibly rewarding to help support research funding which improves people's lives. Working with eCause, allows me this opportunity on a regular basis, it is a challenging and rewarding adventure which helps to improve all of our futures.


Nancy Overbury - Director

     I am a classically trained artist, and over the past 20 years I have been involved in the fields of Graphic Design, Illustration, and Art Direction and management. Past projects included advertising, packaging, and product development for beauty care and cosmetics, fashion, print and press. In my portfolio are products I've developed for numerous companies such as Revlon, Loblaws, LaSenza, and Serenita and La Temperance Spas.

     In 2006, however I branched out with my own design company: Overbury Arts. Personally I love fragrance, colour and all things natural which led me to the development of my own brand of all body care products, Hint of Eden. Here I combined my passion for being creative with the science of developing natural body care products. In 2009 the Hint of Eden Brand of body care products was honoured by becoming a finalist in the Montreal and West Island's Chamber of Commerce Awards for Eco-Sustainable Production and Design. I am proud to be both on the Board of Directors of eCause Canada and also previously a product supplier.

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