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About Us

Our Mission:

Our mission at eCause is simple; we help you (or anyone) to easily raise money for your cause, while making a big difference in this world.

Our vision is a world is that is healthy.

  • We see healthy profits where needed - where organizations, school and charities are well supported financially through everyday worthwhile actions.
  • We see less waste in our landfills and in our oceans - our earth and it's people are one, by taking care of her we are taking care of ourselves.
  • We see cleaner air to breath resulting in less incidences of illness - more trees, less waste, less chemicals means better health for us all!
  • We see quality grass-roots, sustainable and ethical companies becoming everyday name brands - our hard earned dollars need to work too, when our money is spent in good places, supporting those that do good things, the results are even better!
  • We see people taking positive action - making conscientious and socially responsible choices everyday in all of their actions for an improved and healthier future for us all.

How It's Done:

  • We pride ourselves on offering to our organizations the opportunity to fundraise with top quality brands at the best possible prices through their own our on-line Eco Boutique.
  • Their supporters get the best quality products, at fair market price, and every purchase gives back up to 40%. Having strong relationships with our suppliers allows us the opportunity to pass on great pricing to our clients. We buy locally first which also allows us to support our economy.
  • The name brands in our eco boutiques benefit the environment because they are from natural or renewable sources and they are manufactured and packaged sustainably. Due to their outstanding quality they result in produce less waste in out landfills.
  • Our health and well-being additionally benefit because our exposure to harmful toxins in the manufacturing processes have been diminished.
  • And finally our carbon footprint is further lessened because of the local supply chain that we have developed, and our distribution and packaging system created for our customers.
  • In reality eCause becomes a win, win, win, win situation; for the planet, for the people, for the cause, and for the economy.

Truly Green

     Everything about us at eCause Canada is green, starting with our mascot TH, (his nickname is short for Tree Hugger). From our paperless ordering system for your schools and organizations, to the products that we represent and to the way we package and ship your goods, you can be assured that we have made every effort to tread as lightly as possible on our earth. Our back end at the office is green too, and of course we endeavor to work with suppliers that have the same philosophies and tree hugging attitudes that we do.

     A famous frog once said, "it's not easy being green", but at eCause Canada we have made it easy, not only for you, but we make green fundraising simple for healthy profits and a healthy world!

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