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I felt that eCause was a perfect fit for a Girl Guide fundraiser. I am more than pleased with my purchases and happy to show off my mess kit. The produce bags were a great addition to my cloth shopping bags and I get to show off the Girl Guide name while shopping!
Guider in Quebec

I loved the choice of products offered in our fundraiser(especially the produce bags)! The staff at eCause were kind and courteous.

The products offered by eCause are great quality at reasonable prices. I was amazed by how much of the proceeds go straight to the cause. A great way to fund raise.
Quebec Girl Guide Mom

I love the products that I ordered from eCause. They are the best! What I love more is participating in a fundraiser for my kids where I can actually get things that I want and need!

These are great products! I am thrilled with the products I received as well as the communications throughout the campaign. This was a positive experience, and I absolutely love my canteens and produce bags! 
Nissa Grant
Commissioner Lakeshore District Girl Guides of Canada

I recently bought some products from eCause for a friend who was going on a trip. Not only was my friend delighted with the quality and originality of the products, eCause went the extra mile in delivering the merchandise within my short deadline. I highly recommend eCause Canada to anyone who wants to raise money, or help out those who are, by purchasing sustainable, original and quality products. 
Kathleen Gran
CHIC - corporate image strategies

I am a proud grandmother of a young girl who first fell in love with sparks, then with brownies, and who is just going into guides, also a daughter who just loves being a brownie leader. I made purchases for them for their camping sessions (at camp Wa-Thik-Ane ) with their groups and they just loved their new gear. I would make more purchases in the future for Christmas, Birthday gifts ect. I love the idea of helping out the guides (brownies, sparks) as well as receiving quality products that help out the environment.
Girl Guider Supporter in Quebec

It's very simple: shopping on the Internet for products I can't find anywhere, that are organic/sustainable/good for the environment while supporting a cause. It's a win-win combination!

It is about time! I wish everyone knew about eCause!
Fundraising Supporter

Thank you for donating funds to Community Shares! The eCause products are simply wonderful! Everyone who participated in this event and purchased the eCause products were really impressed with their quality and their "green" quality!

Thank you for suporting our endeavors in the community and for contributing to building a better and stronger West Island!
Caroline Tison
Executive Director, West Island Community Shares

Dear Ms. Shanks and eCause Canada,

On behalf of John Abbott College Foundation, the College and its Students I would like to thank you for your generous donation in support of the Student's Assistance Fund. By contributing you are helping to open doors for students who would otherwise not be able to attend John Abbott College. Once again thank you for your support.
Warmest Regards,
Lucie Fournier
Director John Abbott College Foundation

Thank you for your participation in the Daughters Of Penelope Spa Day Fundraiser. Your environmentally friendly products were a BIG HIT! I have had so many positive comments about them from my friends and I personally LOVE the string bags I bought from you! You helped make our Spa Day a very special event! Thank you, sincerely, Maria Varvarikos.
Maria Varvarikos
Fundraising Coordinator Daughters of Penelope

Many thanks to Joyce Shanks and eCause for contributing to our successful hosting of the 2009 NAA Swimming Championship "Big Meet". Their earth-friendly values, terrific product line and hardworking, professional staff made them the perfect partner for our fundraising efforts. We hope to work with them lots more in the future!
Brenda Bedard
Kirkland Ecclestone Community Pool

I was delighted to win an eCause gift basket filled with many eco-friendly products such as natural soaps, a hemp weave grocery bag, and a reuseable stainless steel water bottle. These items are all high quality and I use them regularly. I need to have some more of that great natural soap!! Congratulations, eCause, on your successful launch into the fundraising world! 
Jacqueline Vaughan

Ms. Joyce Shanks is West Island's ambassador of socially conscious and sustainable consumption, in word and deed. Her vision of eCause is timely, brilliant and what yoga calls 'sattvic'. A 'sattvic' intention is one that is pure and only offers good to all. For the environment, the individual and the less fortunate in society. Better yet, eCause is a vehicle that extends this to the world community. I trust that eCause will flourish and generations from now it will be looked upon as a harbinger of business practice transformation. 
Bhaskar Goswami
Founder of BODHI

eCause Founder Joyce Shanks has infused eCause with her unparalleled sense of generosity and community spirit! I highly recommend eCause for your fundraising needs! Thank you for your support and sponsorship at our book launch!
Pauline Edward
Author, Numerologist, and Keynote Speaker

We had contacted eCause Canada to help with a community fair fundraiser for "The Ride to Conquer Cancer". Working with eCause was a great experience: Joyce was professional, easy to work with and full of helpful suggestions, and the products were just wonderful and I still receive positive comments about them today...especially the fabulous gift baskets. It was a treat to work with this organization because you know they have reliable products from companies that are truly environmentally conscious. I would recommend working with eCause Canada in a heart beat!
Elaina Della Porta
Participant in The Ride To Conquer Cancer

It was a pleasure to partner with eCause at Cedar Park United Church's Vente des Vivaces / Perennial Sale. The eCause display of eco-friendly products was a wonderful addition to our sale and the products were high quality and well-priced.

The warmth and friendliness of the eCause representatives, their thorough product knowledge and their strong belief in environmentally friendly, Canadian-made and fair trade products were a valuable addition to our sale. 
Elizabeth Chown
Fundraising Coordinator, Cedar Park United Church, Pointe-Claire, QC

Thank you eCause Canada for your support. While fundraising for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, I heard about eCause. We participated in the same local trade show for moms and young families. eCause offered to donate 20% of all their sales to my fundraiser. It was a great opportunity to increase my fundraising goal for that day. We set up side by side and throughout the event eCause promoted the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society's mission and then donated 20% of their sales to my fundraiser. 

The eCause concept is wonderful! They not only assist you in supporting your cause through the sales of great products but the products are all good for your health and good for the earth. What a great way to collaborate to raise money: being kind to one another and our planet, too.

eCause, I am grateful for all of your support!

My team for the Weekend to End Breast Cancer worked with eCause for a spa night team fundraiser. Joyce came and set up her table and all of the participants were impressed by the good selection of high-quality, eco-friendly products on offer. We will certainly work with eCause again in the future. 
Siobhan O'Brien
Associate Coordinator, Special Events, Jewish General Hospital Foundation

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