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Product fundraising is tough. It takes a lot time and energy, and often you're selling products that people neither want or need at prices they really don't want to pay. In truth most sales are a result of guilt, low blood sugar or they want you to go away.

Schools are beginning to restrict chocolate bar and junk food sales. Our children learn about  sustainability, fair trade and the environemnt. NOW - Their fundaising can now be in harmony with the curriculum and our values.

eCause makes it simple for you to raise big money that benefits you, your supporters and our environment! It really is the ONLY way to fundraise so that everybody wins!

Parents LOVE this, it saves them time, money, and that awkward feeling they get when trying to peddle their kids stuff. Finally fundraising with products people actually need that is good for you and the planet!

  • Incredible profits for your cause
  • Simplicity (we make it easy )
  • Time, energy and resource savings
  • Top quality goods
  • Fair market pricing that is trendy and calorie-free
  • Low minimums where applicable
  • Zero risk or hidden costs to your organization
  • 100% product and service guarantees
  • Feel great because your fundraiser meshes with your core values

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