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Fundraising Basics


  • Be optimistic! Excitement is highly contagious!
  • Know your community – what do they want? Who can you reach out to for support? What has worked in the past? Evaluate your fundraising environment.
  • Be knowledgeable about your cause. It is your passion, your ambition, your undertaking. Share the facts with your supporters!  
  • Pick a timeframe for your fundraiser. By having a start and end date to your campaign, it will help better organize yourself and encourage participation NOW. There’s nothing that gets people to take action like knowing they are running out of time.
  • Set clear goals and objectives. This will help you keep track of your accomplishments. Set them high, but not impossible to reach.
  • Spread the word! Promote your cause: talk about it, advertise, call your supporters, mail them, email them, REMIND THEM!
  • Above all else, ASK them to support you & follow up.
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