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Q - If we are only a small group or school can we do a fundraising campaign with eCause?

A - Yes, absolutely eCause loves working with small groups to raise big money. In fact we'll even work with you if you are alone in your fundraising efforts; the inspiration for starting eCause was to support small fundraising efforts.

Q - How can I work with eCause as an individual?

A - Individuals can set up an on-line campaign with us like any other group or organization and you PROMOTE and send people to your personalized campaign page to buy your chosen products. When your campaign closes we would send your products to you for distribution as well as the check for your charity. Alternately you can place an order with us for product that you would like to sell to raise your funds. You would buy the product up front for less, and then you would sell them for the regular price, the difference would be the portion you would donate to charity.

Q - I want to help my company become a little "greener", we often support charities, can we work with eCause?

A - Many companies work hard to support the environment and charities themselves. They likely have what is known as a Corporate Social Responsibility Policy. Partnering with companies such as these make fundraising even better, because not only is health, environment and charity benefitting, but corporations and their empoloyees are given the opportunity to put their missions and plans into action. Corporate gifting around the holidays is an ideal time to work with eCause. Employee and client gifts can match your mission, and for added benefit, many items can be branded with your corporate logo, and then the quality Earth-friendly gift doubles as a marketing tool, keeping your company at the forefront of your clients's minds.

Q - We are a sports team, and we need to raise money for our new uniforms, is that something we can do with eCause.

A - Water bottles are one of the greatest way to support team fundraising. Up to 40% of the sales made through your campaign will be given back to your team.

Q - How much is shipping for our products?

A - eCause packages your items in the smallest and most eco friendly way as possible, and we use the most earth friendly ways to ship your goods, so shipping is charged as a small percentage of your sales. Depending on the size and weight of the products in your package and your location shipping is charged at between 2.5% and 5% of your total sales.

Q - What is an eCause Fundraising Package?

A - An eCause Fundraising Package is a collection of products that we have bundled together in a theme for you to fundraise with.

Q - What is an eCause Fundraising Campaign?

A - A fundraising campaign is an actual ongoing fundraiser for a group, school or charity. They usually run for a specified amount of time, allowing opportunity to "spread the word" and garner support from others outside of the organization.

Q - What is an eCause Product Category?

A - We have grouped together our products into more manageable sub topics. You can view products by CATEGORY (similar characteristics), by BRAND (by the company that made them), in fundraising PACKAGES (themed groupings) or in current CAMPAIGNS (current fundraisers), and there is a way to see the products one at a time and that would be by clicking on them as they go through the slide show.

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