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Bottles & Bags First

Starting in the place where we can make the largest impact with the least amount of effort just makes good sense. One of the things that has profoundly and negatively impacted our environment is the amount of plastic bottles and bags that have gone to our landfills or worse, meaning that have found their way into our oceans to wreak havoc on marine life.

It is great to now finally see that people are being encouraged to bring their own bags when shopping, and that there is a new and strong movement towards eliminating plastic water bottles. The statistics are staggering about the amount of plastic that is being disposed of.

Bottles & Bags FirstHere at eCause we can support you and your organization in making the transition. With an eCause Fundraiser your students, clients, members or employees can, purchase these basics here on line from your Fundraising Campaign and at the same time support your cause. It is a win, win, win, situation. While protecting the environment, we are supporting you and your well being, and donating 20% back of the revenues to your cause. eCause represents top quality and ethically made products, from suppliers who are ensuring the same from their suppliers. Through our Basic Bottle and Bag Fundraising Package you can make a big difference in the world today and all of our futures of tomorrow!

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Here are a couple of videos on you tube that you may find interesting and informative. If you were wondering about why plastic bottles and bags need to be eliminated, please take a look at these videos, a picture is worth a thousand words!

This is the Water Bottle Disaster

This video is about the North Pacific Gyre and Plastics.

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